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Report's sections

Each VIN-INFO Report is composed of the following sections:

1. Report's Heading

Report's heading contains basic data identifications of the checked vehicle (logotype of brand and model).

report vehicle identification

2. Information about the vehicle

This section contains basic information on the vehicle (brand, model, type of fuel, production year). Depending on what the manufacturer has encoded in the VIN, this section may show various information. These information are decoded for free and are fully visible both before purchase of the report and in the purchased report.

report vehicle decoder

The control number is determined basing on all the VIN's digits, thanks to that any modification of the number (repunching of the number) causes incorrect calculation of the control number. You can then easily verify that the VIN is incorrect, and punched identification was probably falsified.
Attention: not all manufacturers make use of the control number in the VIN, so calculating the control number for a VIN for which the manufacturer did not originally encode the control number may lead to untrue conclusions. Our system provides information on the control number only when the vehicle's manufacturer made use of control number in the VIN.

This section may contain information about year of production and/or model year of the vehicle. The production year defines the date of manufacturing of a given vehicle, date of vehicle's final acceptance and hand over to finished products warehouse. Production year equals to calendar year. Model's year (called also year's model) is a time frame when vehicles of the same characteristics were produced. It usually starts in the middle of a calendar year and ends in the middle of the next calendar year. The notion „year's model” is used for marketing needs.

3. Incidents history

This section contains a chronologically ordered list of vehicle's damages. Every record contains following informations:

  • date
  • country
  • damage value in euros
  • damage status (e.g. total loss)
report Incidents history

Additionally a record may contain information on damage places (e.g. interior, roof, underbody), vehicle mileage and the date of the first registration in the country.

If the free-of-charge check showed that there are no records, damages will not be displayed in the report.

4. Vehicle's mileages

The report contains a chronologically ordered list of vehicle's mileage readings. These readings may contain data of inspections, registrations, insurer's data, internet auctions, licensed service, other institutions that we cooperate with. Since we cannot be absolutely certain of the reliability of readings, each deviation in chronological increase of mileage values should rise user's doubts. Because of missing legal regulations concerning such readings, the report may not constitute basis for any claims resulting from intentional falsifying of such mileage or erratic readings done by any institution or erratic presentation of meter's reading in the report. If the free-of-charge check showed that there are no records, mileages will not be displayed in the report.

report Vehicle's mileages<

5. History of checks

This section contains information on checks of a given VIN in our system. You can also view the history of checks on the map. Information contained in this section are intended to support a potential vehicle's purchaser in gaining more information on how attractive an offer is, it means how many people and on how big geographical area are interested in the vehicle and checked it on our website.

report History of checks

6. Data bases of stolen vehicles

Contains a register of vehicle's checks in the country-wide data bases of missing vehicles. The number of institutions that we cooperate is continuously growing, and the actual number and place of checking whether the vehicle is registered as stolen, is displayed before report's purchase. A potential buyer should get concerned if the vehicle was found in any data base. When the vehicle is not found in registers of stolen vehicles, a potential buyer is not released from the obligation to carefully check the vehicle in other registers and it may not constitute basis for claims concerning the legal status of the vehicle. Before the purchase you will see in how many data bases the vehicle will be checked after purchase of the report. This number depends on availability of country-wide and international bases as well as bases of our partners.

report Data bases of stolen vehicles

7. Manufacturer's Defects

This section contains a list of warnings published by the vehicle's manufacturer, concerning manufacturer's defects detected in some of production series. If the manufacturer published a service call concerning a vehicle's lot out of which the checked vehicle originated, the user will find information on a possible defect in the report.

report Manufacturer's Defects

8. Vehicle's manufacturer

This section contains information on the vehicle's manufacturer, that may include address information, place of vehicle's production, information on manufacturer's factories, etc. These data do not concern a given vehicle but the brand and/or model of the vehicle.

report Vehicle's manufacturer

9. Photographs of the vehicle

This section contains a gallery of pictures of the checked vehicle. Pictures' sets are grouped according to their publication dates. In exceptional cases pictures may be repeated, when for example an owner of the vehicle made the same pictures available to various institutions. A hint for a potential buyer can even be the fact that a presented vehicle has been available for sale for a longer time. In many cases on a picture you can see that a vehicle offered to be sold as accident-free is actually damaged. If the free-of-charge check showed that there are no pictures available, they will not be included in the report.

report Photographs of the vehicle

We believe, that the VIN-INFO Vehicle History is the most complex report, which basing on the VIN-INFO Expert System, generates the data from the governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, business partners, public data and information, together with the public sources accessible via the Internet. However, it is important to remember, that the VIN-INFO Expert System should be treated only as a helping tool and it cannot be the basis for any claim. The final Vehicle History Report should always be verified and compared with the actual condition of the vehicle and the content of the vehicle documentation.

The amount of data available in each section of the report bases on a particular VIN and is displayed before the purchase of the report. The data presented in the Vehicle History Reports is a compilation of information gathered by the VIN-INFO Expert System and therefore may copy the source errors. VIN-INFO puts every possible effort so that the system performs a logical and full analysis of the data and translation into other languages, following all grammar rules. However, due to the fact that the process is automated, the results might contain words in foreign languages or linguistic mistakes.

* Number of data available in each section of the report depend on the checked VIN and is given before you purchase the report.