How to order a report

Our reports VIN

Ordering report step by step

Checking a vehicle is very easy and takes no longer than 5 minutes. You must follow 5 simple steps to get the report.

1) Write the VIN

In the first step write the 17 digits VIN in the yellow space on the home page or in smaller yellow spaces available on each page. Then, click on Check.

If you don't know what the VIN is, please click here.


2) Check report's availability

The free of charge decoding of the vehicle shows basing on an expert system information on: vehicle's brand, model, country of origin, fuel type, body's type, assembly place, etc. These information are identical as information that you will see in the report. If the free-of-charge vehicle's recognition does not display some of these data, it means they also will not be shown in the report.