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We believe, that the VIN-INFO Vehicle History is the most complex report, which basing on the VIN-INFO Expert System, generates the data from the governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, business partners,%s public data and information, together with the public sources accessible via the Internet. However, it is important to remember, that the VIN-INFO Expert System should be treated only as a helping tool and it cannot be the basis for any claim. The final Vehicle History Report should always be verified and compared with the actual condition of the vehicle and the content of the vehicle documentation.%s The amount of data available in each section of the report bases on a particular VIN and is displayed before the purchase of the report. The data presented in the Vehicle History Reports is a compilation of information gathered by the VIN-INFO Expert System and therefore may copy the source errors. VIN-INFO puts every possible effort so that the system performs a logical and full analysis of the data and translation into other languages, following all grammar rules. However, due to the fact that the process is automated, the results might contain words in foreign languages or linguistic mistakes.

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