NMVTIS Report Glossary

Flood damage

A flood damage record means the vehicle damaged by freshwater flood (or it is unknown whether the damage was caused by fresh water or salt water).

Fire Damage

Vehicle has been damaged by fire.

Hail Damage

Vehicle has been damaged by hail.

Salt Water Damage

Vehicle has been damaged by a saltwater flood.


Vehicle has been damaged by vandals.


A Vehicle that has been built by combining a chassis with a different (non-matching VIN) frame, engine, and body parts. The VIN on the chassis is used as the vehicle's VIN.


The vehicle can only be sold as parts and can not be legally driven.


The vehicle is incapable of safe operation for use on the roads or highways and has no resale value except as a source of parts or scrap, or the vehicle's owner has irreversibly designated the vehicle as a source of parts or scrap. This vehicle shall never be titled or registered. Also known as non-repairable, scrapped, or destroyed.


The vehicle, previously branded "salvage", has passed anti-theft and safety inspections, or other jurisdiction procedures, to ensure the vehicle was rebuilt to required standards. Also known as prior salvage (salvaged).


A vehicle that has been permanently altered from original construction by removing, adding, or substituting major components.

Salvage: Damage

A salvage vehicle is a vehicle that has been wrecked or damaged beyond repair; declared a total loss by the insurer; or declared a total loss by reason of theft. When an insurance